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Christmas is coming!!!!!

There is only 95 days till Christmas, that’s approximately 227 hours and roughly 136210 minutes and 8172500 seconds.

If you think that’s loads, think again!

Before you know it, it will be that time of year when we all wonder helplessly around the shops looking for small gift ideas for teachers, friends, colleagues or indeed stocking fillers!

We at have the answer:

Christmas personalised chocolate bars!

Everyone loves chocolate and everyone likes to receive personalised gift.

Here at bbbonbon we have personalised chocolates for teachers written in English as well as in Irish, see link:

A lovely inexpensive gift suitable for both female and male teachers.

Personalised Christmas chocolates are a perfect gift for your work colleagues, friends and family, neighbours, children of all ages and why not the milkman, the postman and the lollypop lady!

Chocolates come in 3 sizes, small 20gr, medium 40gr and a large 120gr and not only, how about a lovely chocolate and candy cane set with the child’s name written on the bar!


Also, available exclusively at is the “colour my choc” Christmas personalised chocolate set.

This is a set made of a 40gr medium chocolate bar with 6 crayons and the reverse of the personalised wrap is a colouring page. Not only this bar tastes good, looks good but it provides precious minutes of entertainment!


See the many designs available for all tastes!


Favour cakes by the slice

cake sliceGirl Christening cakecake slice

Up until now we sold favour  cakes in sets of 20 or 32 slices. This is perfect if  you have around 20 or 32 guests at your son or daughter’s Christening or First Communion otherwise you may have leftover slices (though you will likely have already over sugared children all too willing to help you) or  worse, not have enough for all your guests.

To help you out we have changed how we sell favour cakes – you can now order exactly how many slices you want, between 15 and 70 slices!

Of course, some of you may be wondering what favour cakes are…

Boy Communion cakeCaterpillar cake

Favours boxes come in all sort of shapes and colours, including triangular cake slice shape. These slice shaped boxes are arranged in circles to make a cake, each favour box contains sweets( traditionally sugared almonds but any sweets can be used) and a personalisation note.
The boxes are decorated according to the event it is intended for, this being a Christening or a First Communion or indeed a Wedding, and the large centrepiece will match the theme. Generally speaking favour cakes come in a pre set number, we at are letting you decide how many favours, in other words, how many slices you want in your cake because our favour cakes are sold by the slice.

When placing an order just add the number of slices to your shopping cart, this includes the cake as a set, decorated and filled with sweets and personalised, as well as the centrepiece. This gives you the freedom to choose the exact number of favours for you guests.

The smallest cake can be made of 15 slices (1 tier) all the way up to 70 slices (3 tiers) or more…

Communion Favour Cake vs Traditional Communion Cake

It’s that time of the year again  where First Communions are fast approaching and we at, alongside the traditional Communion favours, are proud to present the Favours Communion cake.

Boys Communion Favour Cake
Girls Communion Favour Cake

What is a Communion cake, what is it made of, does it substitute the traditional First communion  cake?

These are the answers:

The Communion cake is a cake because it indeed looks like one,  but it is not made of sponge or biscuits or even chocolate, it is made of many boxes, from a minimum of 15 to a maximum of approx 70.

Each box, made of thick card,  is shaped as a slice and it is placed in a circle card tray with a centrepiece creating the illusion of a cake.

The more the slices used, the taller is the cake.

The colour can vary, the slices are traditionally white for a First Communion cake but can be cream, silver, gold or indeed pink or blue.

Silver, gold or any other colour ribbon, and even better a personalised ribbon with the name of the child and the date of the Communion can be added around the round tray.

Each box/slice is filled with sweets, which, in keeping with the old European favour tradition, should be sugared almonds, but nowadays many people choose chocolates shaped as almonds, foiled chocolates, or indeed some of the  children’s  favourite sweets  such as Smarties, Jelly beans and so on.

Often the favours are personalised with the name of the child and the date of the First Communion, we at personalise all our favours, by including a card in each box,  free of charge.

So does the new First Communion favour cake win over the Traditional Communion one?

There is no answer as it depends on the taste of the customer but we find that more often than not the Communion favour cake is used alongside the traditional cake because the latter, is consumed on the day while the little slices on the favour cake are given to the guests as a Thank You token for attending the child’s special day, it is, a keepsake.

The child who’s Communion it is will be left with the large centrepiece as a keepsake for his/her special day.

Communion favour cake v Communion Traditional cake………what do you think?

May Day Madness Favour Clearance Sale is making room for new stock. Take advance of this clearance sale, it is a great opportunity to get more favors for your money. Clearance sale on all birthday party bags and christening favours

Simply add MAY15 in the promo box on checkout to get 15% discount on your favours.
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Mini Pink Pencil Party Favour

Mini Pink Pencil Party Favour

The BIG sale has started!!!

The BIG January sale has started today here at

On all First Communion, Christening and Party Goodie Bags!!

We have a fab new range of First Communion Favours the most exciting of all being the brand new First Communion Favour Cake (available for boys too).

The First Communion Favour cake is made up of 20 or 32 favor boxes shaped as cake slices.

Each slice contains sweets of your choice and a thank you note, preferably hand written by the  Communion boy or girl.

Finally, each slice is decorated with a little  ceramic hand painted figurine of a Holy Communion boy and/or a Holy Communion girl.

The centre piece of the Communion Favour Cake is a large figurine of the Communion boy or the girl, to be kept  as a keep sake.

It is well worth to have a look at!!!!