First Holy Communion Favours

In recent years, Communion favours have become very popular. Holy Communion is fundamentally a religious sacrament, but it is also a family day of celebration. A day when the entire family dress up and celebrate in your child’s spiritual journey. Our Holy Communion favours are a little keepsake of this special day and a small way to say thank you to your guests. Here at we have Holy Communion favours for boys, First Communion favours for girls, Prayer book favours, Communion favour cakes, Holy Communion favour boxes, First Communion tulle favours and lots more.
Each favour is filled with five pieces of confectionery the most popular and traditional are sugared almonds and chocolate dragees. The five sweets are symbolic they represent Health, Wealth, Longevity, Fertility and Happiness.
All our Communion favours are personalised, we use a little white card with your child’s details, for example:
Ruby Ahern
First Holy Communion
15th May 2010
Thank you from Ruby.
I hope you enjoy my little gift and
these five sweets which represent: Health
Wealth, Longevity, Fertility and Happiness.

We can also add words of your choice.
The giving of Communion favours to your friends and relatives, provides them with a little memento to cherish long after your Communion day is over.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

Girls communion favour cake

Girls communion favour cake

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  1. Nowell

    I am interested in The Communion Cake but it is for a boy, I need about 30 little ones assembled into a cake please.

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